• 2010 – Eurostores Group was founded.
  • 2011 – First webshop was opened in Denmark.
  • 2012 – Eurostores opened 5th webshop in Denmark
  • 2013 – First webshop was opened in Sweden
  • 2014 – Eurostores moved to a bigger warehouse and offices
  • 2016 – Eurostores opened a Costume webshop in Denmark

Eurostores Group A/S was founded back in 2010 with the idea to be one of the biggest Toys & Childrens clothing webshop in Denmark. In march 2011 the first webshop “Heaven4kids.dk” was opened and with in 6 month the second was opened “Just4kids.dk” and within a short time period there where 5 webshop in Denmark. In 2013 th first webshop was opened in Sweden and it was called “heaven4kids.se” and shortly after one more opened “Byggklossar.com”. Eurostores Group A/S now have 6 webshops in Denmark and 2 in Sweden.

At the end of 2013 Eurostores Group A/S was running out of space in their warehouse, so in the early 2014 we decided to move to a bigger warehouse with bigger offices in Brørup, Denmark.